Our auto transport Service


Open Transport

 Open transport means your vehicle(s) is/are exposed to the elements and to debris from the road the same as if you were driving it, such as traction aggregates, pieces of tire, etc. Dirt and grime on your vehicle(s) after auto transport should be an expectation when you choose open transport open. If you do not wish to accept the risks of open transport we suggest you choose the more expensive enclosed transport. We will gladly make a referral. 

Enclosed Transport


Enclosed Transport means that your vehicle is loaded into a trailer that is the same as a normal dry van trailer, but has been built to hold vehicles instead. This method of auto transport is more expensive than open car transport but eliminates risks of minor damage caused by road debris that is not covered under the transporters policy.  

VIP Package


VIP Package

For the VIP Package, we will handle your move from start to finish. The VIP package gets your car from your start location to your end location quickly, easily, and you have no stress during the auto transport process. This package includes someone from a terminal coming to pick up your vehicle on a specific date and time that works for you on the pickup end and someone from a terminal on the delivery end delivering the vehicle on a specific date and time at your convenience. This option may cost up to $250 on either end plus storage fees but will guarantee your schedule.