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Here at Clark Logistics we are passionate about delivering results . Our goal is to provide both a superior customer experience, and tremendous value for our customers.

Clark Logistics Auto Dispatching

Our services are specifically designed to help you succeed as an automotive transportation professional. Our dispatch team has experience as CDL and OTR drivers and in dispatching. We have dispatched everything from 3/4 car wedge trailers to 10 car stinger rigs. Our goal is to assist you, as a business owner, in staying fully loaded with the best paying cars available. With good communication and a willingness to go where the money is you can succeed. Call us for pricing. 

 We can assist you in choosing a trailer that will best fit your needs. I have seen someone who had no experience in car hauling go out and purchase a nice looking trailer and hit the road only to find out that the trailer could not perform up to his expectations. This cost him his business because he was unable to make the money he needed due to the limitations of his trailer. Speaking with someone who was experienced in car hauling prior to purchasing a trailer could have provided him with the information he needed to make a good purchase. On the flip side of that coin I have seen someone new to the business buy a good trailer but then set so many route restrictions and restrictions on what he was willing to haul that he also was unable to make money in the business. Both of these gentleman were making less money car hauling than they were hauling general freight and that tells you SOMETHING WAS WRONG!!! The cars were available but they could not or chose not to haul them.  If you want to succeed in car hauling you MUST be willing to "go where the money is and haul what pays". We personally run our truck coast to coast because that is where the best money is but you can make money without going that far. You will need to run more than just a few states if you want to make $30k plus per month and stay loaded all the time.



About Dispatching

About Dispatching

About Dispatching


Providing a world class dispatch and technical support service is not easy. 

Meet the people who make it possible.

Bobby "Bones"

About Dispatching

About Dispatching


Bones is an experienced dispatcher and driver. He is also a mechanic/fabricator that can provide technical assistance to you out on the road.


About Dispatching



Nicole is my office manager and fill in dispatcher. She is married with two beautiful little boys (My grandsons) AND A NEW BABY GIRL!!!!!





Bonnie is married and mother of two. Her husband is a full time car hauler with years of experience. She has a lot of miles under her belt hauling cars with her husband and you can tell when you call her for a load.





Tim is an experienced dispatcher. He is married with two sons. He likes Gadgets





Sarah aka "Paperwork Princess" on the YouTube channel "Trucking with Bones" She is an experienced over the road car hauler, driver and dispatcher. She also kinda has a thing for horses.

Maximizing your trailer

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One of the services we provide is teaching you how to maximize your trailer by teaching you the "tricks of the trade". Knowing how and being willing to maximize your trailer will put you at the top of your game.


Packing the $$$ on the trailer!!

What to expect In auto Shipping


Know what to expect

It is our goal to educate brokers, customers and drivers about the inherent risks associated with shipping vehicles on an open transport trailer. Risks that are unavoidable on an open trailer and are therefore NOT considered, by any reasonable person, to be a transport damage. The pictures on this page offer examples of open transport and what can happen during the transport.


We pride our business on being honest !

In this picture you see a car that was shipped from PA to WA on an open transport during the winter. What you see on the car is traction aggregate spread by the DOT on snow covered roads. This aggregate provides traction but also ends up on the cars on the load. If this aggregate (fine gravel and sand) is not removed correctly it will cause severe damage to the paint that some people try to blame on the driver. The driver can not prevent this therefore it is NOT transport damage. The shipper had the opportunity to ship their car in a more expensive enclosed trailer to avoid this risk but chose the cheaper open transport method instead.  

Enclosed Auto transport trailer.

While we want your business we also want you to be an informed shipper

We will strive to ensure your vehicle arrives within the window of delivery you requested and in the condition you expect. Delivered with the experience you can trust. The truck you see on the left does not haul cereal or clothes or even produce. It is a very expensive trailer specifically designed to transport cars in an enclosed "garage" that protects them from the inherent risks of open transport.